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Digital Product Innovation

Digital Product Innovation.

We are looking at a future in which everything is connected beyond mobile, to a world without screens. To this end, we are in the business of reinventing existing products and processes to get us there. From the assembly line to the product packaging, we are fundamentally transforming business models in a way that drives revenue, improves efficiency and builds brands. 

From Radio Towers to Crisis App With antiquated high-frequency radio technology, a cloud computing enterprise Salesforce database and a custom-built Drupal database, we visually tracked Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) movements through remote West African villages to save countless lives.
Cinema at Home Part of luxury is not having to wait. We worked with Prima Cinema to deliver just-released Hollywood films into the homes of its clients.
In-Store Brand Experience What better place to reinvent retail than right in the store? With Under Armour, we built an interactive display to help you find your perfect shoe, based on your exercise profile and preferences.
In-Dashboard Experience We brought social sharing on the road. Going past the screens in our pockets or in our homes, we created a social trip-sharing platform that integrated with the telematics in GM cars so people could share their favorite routes while on the road.


We always start with the business, and we obsess over it and pour ourselves into it. We don’t ask for business we don't understand, so we spend time on the ground before we build. Then we put smart people together in a room, apply laser focus to the opportunity and foster a culture that hacks hard and fails fast.


Business Transformation

We work with our clients to create digital products and processes that improve collaboration, reduce costs and drive operational efficiency. From supply chain reinvention at Fortune 50 companies to agile product development for local business, we have seen it all, and have a track record of delivering on the bottom line.

Big Data

We believe that data is inert unless it's used to help people make decisions. We create products that use non-invasive tech to collect data, then output it in a way that is beautifully designed, intelligently layered, and easy to understand.

Connected Devices

If the last decade has been the era of mobile, the next will be the era of everything. The car, the thermostat, the laboratory, suddenly everything is ripe for hacking. Digitaria works alongside clients to turn this disruption into opportunity, by reinventing analog products and creating new processes for automation.

Technology Consultancy

Digitaria offers a premium consultancy service for clients that includes access to a team of senior leaders who can advise on your most intractable, complex business problems, and work with you to find the appropriate technology mix to address them. This often develops into a business transformation engagement, and is typically built around whole-day workshops, with a structure that facilitates rapid prototyping.

Digital Product Innovation Leadership

Dan Khabie
Chief Executive Officer
Doug Hecht
COO, President
Chuck Phillips
CTO, Creative Technologist
Daiga Atvara
Chief Creative Officer
Jim McArthur
SVP, Strategic Alliances
Matt Weight
Director of Engineering, Mobile
Paul Drohan
Executive Design Director
Shawn Kardell
Director of User Experience
Michael Brown
VP, Digital Product Strategy
Nicholas Davison
Director of Client-side Engineering
Alice Shanaver
VP, Production