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Analytics & Optimization

Analytics & Optimization. We make the vision of being a data driven organization a reality. We use analytics technology to enable measurement across mobile, social, web and the Internet of things. We connect digital measures to business outcomes and generate insights. We recommend actions that can be taken to ensure experiences and content that generate brand value and revenue are findable through search, sharable through social and measurable with analytics.

Measurement Planning
Gain organizational clarity with assessment and optimization frameworks and goal-oriented KPIs, aligned with business objectives.
  • Measurement Strategy
  • A/B and Multivariate Testing Roadmap
  • Data Model and Analysis Plan
  • Vendor Assessment
  • Reporting Audit
  • Training / Governance
Data Visualization
Get game-changing data with relevant and consistent metrics and business intel that's efficiently and quickly delivered.
  • Reports
  • Scorecards
  • Dashboards
  • Infographics
  • Data Visualization
  • Information Design
Technical Implementation
Better decisions come from data you can trust. We improve the integrity of what you know by putting in place best practices for gathering, acquiring and standardizing data collection.
  • Analytics Tracking Audits
  • Analytics Implementation Plans
  • Reports Reconciliation
  • Scalable Reporting Infrastructure
  • Monitoring and Maintenance of Tracking Codes

Analytics Tools

Business Intelligence

Tableau - Connects to a variety of databases, including Amazon Redshift and Google Analytics, Taleau delivers better storytelling and faster insight.

Competitive Insights

Compete - Researches competitors website traffic, benchmark performance, engagement and demographics to key in on new keywords, track referral sources and uncover opportunities.

Social Media

Netbase - Monitors social media for real-time reactions to crisis and opportunity and to inform content creation.

Data Integrity

ObservePoint - Accurately audits and verifies tracking tags including web analytics, voice of customer, media, video and remarketing codes for the most reliable data.

Inbound Marketing

Moz Analytics - Aggregates data on content, search marketing, social activity, brand mentions and inbound links.

Cross-Channel Analytics

Adobe Marketing Cloud and Google Analytics - Shows the full customer picture across ads and videos, websites and social tools, tablets and smartphones.

Measurement Strategy & Framework For Analysis & Reporting

KPI & Metrics
  • Clarify objectives in terms of audience and intent.
  • Develop goal-oriented KPI & metrics for assessment.
  • Define optimal reporting for decision support.

Analytics Methodologies. We apply analytical rigor to all things digital, turning information into action. Here's how:

Analyze the return on investment, recency, frequency and monetary value for every digital decision.
MULTI-Channel Attribution
Determine how online and offline marketing efforts are (or aren't) working together.
Segmentation Analysis
Shape the best communication strategies with factors like demographic, interest and geographic location.
Brand Affinity
Grasp how people are responding to brands with social monitoring and surveys.
A/B And Multi-Variant Testing
Test elements of creative executions for the highest engagement and conversion.
Digital Marketing Mix & Channel Analysis
Analyze how channels including search, email, social, site and display work in concert.
Monitoring/Measure Sentiment And Influence
Listen for how much impact influencers have over the marketplace and on purchasing decisions.


Dan Khabie
Chief Executive Officer
Doug Hecht
COO, President
Daiga Atvara
Chief Creative Officer
Chuck Phillips
CTO, Creative Technologist
Karen Bellin
VP, Insights & Analytics
Sarah Kotlova
SVP, Director Client Services
Alice Shanaver
VP, Production
Eden Tsehaye
Manager, Testing & Optimization
Michael Jackson
Executive Experience Director
Paul Drohan
Executive Design Director
Nicholas Davison
Director of Client-side Engineering